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A comprehensive, automated traffic management CRM

Efficiently manage your affiliate traffic and scale up as a self-operating affiliate or affiliate network!


The Orchestra Features

  • Automated, Rule-Based Traffic Distribution

    Our self-service Traffic Distribution system allows you to decide which affiliate traffic to send to which brand, based on specific GEOs, Offers, Time Zones, and more!

  • On-Demand Integration Service

    Whether you’re looking to add a new affiliate or a new brand, we will take care of the integration process on your behalf. You need to focus on closing deals and making money- not integrations!

  • Affiliate and Brand Rank-Based Reporting

    It all comes down to efficiency. Within 2-clicks of logging in, you will have a bird’s eye view of which brands and affiliates are converting best, allowing you to monetize and optimize traffic in order to maximize ROI

  • Permission Based Management

    Affiliates see one thing, Master Affiliates another. You decide what, how, where, and why they see what they see.

  • Infinite Offers and Funnels

    No matter which offer and funnel you have, it can be integrated easily with our 3-step process. Easily add new offers and provide your affiliates more tools to generate traffic.

Bring In the big drums!

We’ve partnered with leading companies in the marketing industry to provide you the most updated, top-notch marketing tools to monitor and distribute your traffic in and from the platform.

A very specific genre

The orchestra is built and designed to cater to four very specific industries. Our features and UI aren’t for everyone, but they are definitely built for these industries:

Sport Betting
Financial Services

Affiliates Solo

At the end of the day- affiliates are the ones who drive the world of traffic. It is important to provide the biggest and broadest array of traffic source options to connect with the platform. Whether it’s straightforward Facebook Lead-Gen, Blog or 3-layer funnel traffic, your platform is able to connect to all of them, and provide a bird’s-eye view while at it.

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Networks to the front!

Manage your affiliates, close deals, integrate new brands, and recieve complete financial control over your network. We’ve already helped our network clients manage


Leads Managed and Distributed


Connected Affiliates


Integrated Brands


"A very affiliate-friendly platform. Allows our affiliates to login and see their performance, stats and conversion. Where a lot of affiliate tech solutions fail- Orchestra succeeds"

TBG Affiliates

"I've tried a lot of affiliate platforms but definitely this one is the best so far. Amazing support and a lot of killer features!"

Lazy Affiliate

"By far the most efficent solution i've come across. I easily connect my traffic through the zapier app and automatically send it to the different brands I work with. I also get new deposit notifications straight to my phone. A MUST for affiliates!"

Pricing Plans

Pay anually and get 1 month free!

Affiliate Solo

Built for one-man-show affiliates

Network Orchestra

Small to large scale affiliate networks

Brand Hall

Tailored traffic solutions

Monthly Budget


Automated, AI-Based Traffic Management and Distribution
Manage Traffic From Multiple Affiliates
Self-Service Platform For Traffic Distribution
On-Demand Integration Service Included Up to 5 brands Unlimited Unlimited
API and Postback Pixel Support
Whitelabel Option
Funnel Traffic and Offer Onboarding Support
Master-Affiliate Traffic Compatibility
Self-Service Brand Integration
Technical Support Skype Only Skype and Phone
(24/7 Support)
Skype and Phone
(24/7 Support)
Start Onboarding Start Onboarding Request Quote

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